Danish Super Vikings
We are a group for Gamers by Gamers. We will try to bring you the top gaming news, from many different platforms, so we can guarantee only to bring you the best of the best. Gaming news is one of our passions and we will bring you news about new and upcoming games on our YouTube channel, so remember to subscribe. - - - Who are we and what do we want to achieve: - To Danish guys, with a passion for gaming and GameNews. - We are Danish but want this channel to be international, so therefore we only speak in English in our channel. - This is our hobby, so please don't hate us, if we can't bring you ALL the news, first in the day (we also have to tend to our jobs, so we can bring you game giveaways). - We of course always would like support from our fanbase, and that can be done by supporting our YouTube channel, or by using our partners such as. ¤ G2A - https://www.g2a.com/r/dsv ¤ Paypal donate - Coming soon Thank you all for supporting our site. -Shortyman2387 & Norgaard87
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