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RMF Tagline T-Shirt #BKR - Herre-T-shirt
RMF Race fan T-Shirt #2 - Herre-T-shirt
RMF Race fan T-Shirt - Herre-T-shirt
Male RMF Support T-Shirt #2 - Herre-T-shirt
No Trophies - Only Glory RMF T-shirt - Herre-T-shirt
The RMF Logo Mug - Kop/krus

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Om RomoMotorFestival
A group of enthusiasts in the hot rod & custom community has finally succeeded in landing the necessary approvals for a vintage style race on the Island of Rømø. Like Fanø it benefits from extremely wide and long beaches, with a hard and flat surface. Naturally no speed records will be set, but it is our ambition to create a true time pocket with pre-ww2 cars and motorcycles in an up-to 1947 styling and engineering. The modern version of our track will be a 1/8 mile drag strip